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Translation & Interpretation service
Translation service
 We provide translation service in the following languages.

翻訳下言語:日本語→中国語 日本語→韓国語 日本語→英語 中国語→日本語 中国語→英語 韓国語→日本語 韓国語→中国語 英語→日本語 英語→中国語 フランス語→中国語 ロシア語→中国語
通訳サービス -Interpretation service-
 We provide interpretation service in the following languages.

中国語→日本語 日本語→中国語 韓国語→日本語 日本語→韓国語><br>
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お見積&お問合せ -Estimate & Inquiry-

Contact us via e-mail. (
For ordering a translation or an interpretation, please fill in as many details as possible and send it via email (
● Your name:
● Company name/ Group name:
● Department name:
● Address:
● Phone:
● FAX:
● E-mail:
● Schedule:Start translating__(year)__(month)__(date)、
Required deadline__(year)__(month)__(date)__(time)
● Translation language:(Original text)____to(Translation)
  Purpose to which documents will be put:___________
  (PR material, Publishing material, External use, In-house material, Reference material,
  Private material, Others)
● Area of use:(Country)_____、(Area)_____
● Size / Pages of text :(Size)_____(US letter/A4/B4/B5/A5, Others)
(Number of pages)_____
● Text format/ Delivery format:(Original text)_____、(Translation)_____
  (For paper documents, fill "printout" or "manuscript";
  For electronic form, fill the software name or extension(.doc/.txt/.pdf, etc.))
● Delivery method:__________
  (Select from E-mail attachment, Floppy disk, CD-ROM, Hard copy, Printout)

※Send your data/text to us via facsimile (+81-72-837-5184), or Email (
 (All information you give us will be kept strictly confidential.)

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